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WhosOn: Transforming finance sector engagement with stellar ROI

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WhosOn: Transforming finance sector engagement with stellar ROI

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Company overview

WhosOn, a leading live chat SaaS provider, uniquely caters to enterprise-level businesses in finance, healthcare, and other heavily regulated industries. Their solution, which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, ensures compliance with strict regulatory requirements, making it an invaluable tool for sectors where data security is paramount.


Despite a robust lead generation strategy through SEO and web assets, WhosOn identified a gap in their outreach, particularly in reaching an expanded enterprise audience in the finance sector. This campaign aimed to not only increase their exposure but also to boost their brand authority and connect with industry leaders beyond their existing SEO capabilities.

Our solution

In partnership with Lead Gen Dept, WhosOn embarked on a multifaceted campaign encompassing LinkedIn outreach, targeted outbound emails, and even a direct mail initiative. The objective was to penetrate the enterprise market, emphasising the unique value proposition of WhosOn's secure AI chat solutions.

Campaign highlights

Bespoke campaigns: Tailored LinkedIn, email, and direct mail campaigns to generate leads and enhance brand visibility.

Personalised outreach: Utilising extensive manual research to personalise interactions, ensuring that communications resonated with targeted prospects.

Value proposition: Offering special subscription rates as a strategic response to the increased demand for remote work solutions due to COVID-19, appealing directly to the needs of the target market.

Significant engagement increase: The campaign dramatically increased WhosOn's engagement within the finance sector, securing 96 appointments with key e-commerce retailers, insurance providers, and enterprises.

The impact

This strategic outreach campaign enhanced WhosOn's brand authority and also achieved a remarkable 400% ROI, underscoring the efficacy of combining personalised outreach with a compelling value offer.

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