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Scandiweb: Navigating success in the Magento ecosystem

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Scandiweb: Navigating success in the Magento ecosystem

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Company Overview

Founded in 2003, Scandiweb has transitioned from a content aggregation startup to a premier web design agency, culminating in its recognition as a Magento specialist. This journey reflects Scandiweb's adaptability and commitment to excellence, with a history of nurturing long-term client relationships and delivering comprehensive digital solutions. By 2015, Scandiweb had solidified its expertise in Magento, offering full project delivery from concept to support.


The campaign aimed to solidify Scandiweb's authority in the Magento development space, targeting the top 100 largest Magento stores in the UK. The goal was to engage these retailers, showcasing Scandiweb's unparalleled expertise and comprehensive service offerings.

Our Solution

Partnering with The Lead Gen Dept, Scandiweb embarked on a strategic cold outbound email campaign. This campaign was designed to present a value-first proposition to the UK's leading Magento retailers, initiating meaningful dialogues and establishing Scandiweb as the go-to partner for Magento development.

Campaign Highlights

Focused Targeting: Concentrating efforts on the top 100 Magento stores to precisely address the needs of a highly relevant audience.

Impressive Engagement: The campaign boasted a 60.81% open rate and a 7.53% reply rate, with 90.3% of responses being positive, reflecting the compelling appeal of Scandiweb's messaging.

Confirmed Meetings and Leads: Within just three months, 15 confirmed meetings were secured, translating to a 15% conversion rate within the targeted market, alongside generating significant leads, including major Magento retailers in the UK.

This strategic initiative not only achieved Scandiweb's meeting targets but also emphasised their expertise and dedication in the Magento development arena. Through targeted lead generation and a value-first approach, Scandiweb has reinforced its position as a digital solutions leader, driving growth and fostering new partnerships in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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