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Translator UK: Bridging global communication gaps

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Translator UK: Bridging global communication gaps

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Company overview

Translator UK, is a London-based translation consultancy, offering a broad range of linguistic services. Specialising in human translation services across numerous languages for diverse fields such as legal, technical, medical, and website localisation, they pride themselves on delivering exceptional quality, competitive rates, and a team of highly qualified translation professionals.


Faced with the dual challenge of managing day-to-day operations and expanding their client base, Translator UK sought to enhance their lead generation and sales efforts. Aimed at connecting cultures and breaking language barriers, their goal was to tap into medium to large-scale enterprises requiring consistent translation services.

Our solution

Lead Gen Dept developed a customised direct outbound campaign strategy tailored to Translator UK's unique needs. Identifying key industries with a high demand for translation services—such as software, finance, and eCommerce—we researched and targeted prospects within these sectors. The campaign was designed to stand out in the competitive translation services market by extending the typical email sequence to build a gradual yet persistent relationship with potential clients.

Campaign highlights

Tailored campaign strategy: Extended email sequences designed to foster trust and demonstrate value over time, addressing the competitive nature of the translation services market.

Focused industry engagement: Targeted outreach to industries with significant demand for translation services, ensuring that each lead was precisely aligned with Translator UK's service offerings.

Strategic prospect selection: A carefully curated list of prospects was developed, focusing on organisations with a global presence and a recurring need for high-quality translation services.

The impact

This bespoke approach generated 54 leads within six months, translating into 5 new ongoing contracts and establishing long-term revenue streams. Translator UK's partnership with Lead Gen Dept highlighted the effectiveness of a well-orchestrated outbound marketing strategy in the highly competitive and globalised sector of translation services, showcasing the power of targeted communication in bridging cultures and connecting businesses worldwide.

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