Think Automation: Engineering efficiency and exceeding targets preview image

Think Automation: Engineering efficiency and exceeding targets

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Think Automation


Stoke, United Kingdom


SaaS, Automation

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Think Automation: Engineering efficiency and exceeding targets

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achieved leads in 12 months


surpassing the target

Company overview

Think Automation, a product of Parker Software, is revolutionising the automation landscape for businesses across banking, retail, and insurance sectors in the United Kingdom. This rules-based automation solution streamlines customer engagement processes, parsing and acting on information from SMS, emails, and team messaging platforms to enhance CRM and database responsiveness.


Despite a healthy lead generation through SEO, Parker Software sought to broaden Think Automation's reach and deepen its penetration into markets known for their tough entry barriers, aiming to connect directly with key decision-makers.

Our solution

Leveraging their successful track record with Parker Software, the Lead Gen Dept devised a dual-strategy campaign to elevate Think Automation's market presence. This involved an indirect approach targeting solutions providers and a direct campaign aimed at end-users within the tech, finance, and government sectors, complemented by a dynamic LinkedIn content strategy to showcase Think Automation's success stories and applications.

Campaign highlights

Bespoke email campaigns: Through careful research, targeted prospects were identified, vetted by Parker Software, and engaged through personalised email sequences designed to demonstrate Think Automation's immediate value.

LinkedIn influence: A strategic content campaign highlighted Think Automation's efficacy and versatility, focusing on success stories to build brand authority and engage potential clients.

Comprehensive outreach: The campaign adeptly balanced indirect and direct approaches, ensuring Think Automation's solutions were presented as indispensable tools for prospective clients and partners.

Exceeding meeting targets: The campaign significantly increased Think Automation's visibility across key industries and resulted in 156 leads, effectively exceeding the initial target by 162%

The impact

The comprehensive strategy significantly boosted Think Automation’s profile and visibility. Our multifaceted approach generated immediate leads and also positioned Think Automation as a leader in process automation, setting a solid foundation for sustained growth and market expansion.

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