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Sweep: Pioneering financial automation and expanding market reach

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London, United Kingdom


SaaS, Accounting, Financial Services

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Sweep: Pioneering financial automation and expanding market reach

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Company overview

Sweep, a frontrunner in financial automation software based in London, Paris, and Madrid, specialises in streamlining finance operations for businesses. By offering intelligent technology that automates payments and expense processes, Sweep eliminates the need for manual administrative tasks, significantly enhancing efficiency for finance teams.


While Sweep's team excelled in software development, their focus on enhancing their financial automation solutions left little room for lead generation and market expansion. They recognised the need to promote their innovative SaaS solutions and engage potential clients.

Our solution

Sweep engaged the Lead Gen Dept to run a targeted lead generation campaign, opting for an indirect outreach strategy. The campaign looked to leverage accounting partnerships, utilising Sweep’s integrations with major accounting platforms like Xero, QuickBooks, and Sage, to access a broader client base.

Campaign highlights

Strong pipeline of valuable leads: The campaign generated 96 leads from the accounting sector, leading to 70 new clients adopting Sweep's solutions through service level agreements.

Indirect outreach: Focused on identifying key accounting firms and technology partners with direct links to potential Sweep clients, prioritising those who could appreciate Sweep's value proposition.

Personalised campaigns: A carefully researched prospect list was approved by Sweep, ensuring alignment with their strategic goals. The Lead Gen Dept then crafted a personalised four-step email campaign, tailoring messages to highlight individual achievements and offer value, such as complimentary Sweep access.

The impact

The campaign saw Sweep gain 70 new clients. Beyond direct client acquisition, the campaign facilitated valuable partnerships within the accounting community, enhancing Sweep's market presence.

The success of the campaign also supported Sweep in onboarding their first sales and customer support representative, laying the groundwork for sustained growth.

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