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SME Agency: Seasoning the food & beverage sector with strategic marketing success

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SME Agency: Seasoning the food & beverage sector with strategic marketing success

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Company overview

SME Agency, based in the heart of London, excels as a strategic partner for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Food & Beverage industry. With over four decades of combined expertise in branding and product strategy, Sonia Whitely-Guest and Claire Williams drive SMEs to achieve measurable, impactful results, backed by data-driven decisions.


Faced with the challenge of expanding their client base while ensuring their existing clients' growth, SME Agency sought to leverage their branding and marketing expertise to create new engagement opportunities within the Food & Beverage sector, an area where they've historically achieved success.

Our solution

Recognising the agency's potential for further triumphs in the Food & Beverage industry, we embarked on a targeted email campaign to connect with companies likely to benefit from SME Agency's expertise. By researching and identifying up to 1,000-employee F&B companies, we ensured fully personalised outreach that resonated with decision-makers, highlighting SME Agency's proven track record of enhancing brand identity and revenue.

Campaign highlights

Focused industry engagement: Zeroed in on the Food & Beverage sector, where SME Agency has demonstrated exceptional results, to tailor our outreach and maximise relevance.

Personalised outreach strategy: Using a personalised email campaign and enhancing engagement rates by addressing prospects with tailored introductions based on their achievements and milestones.

Strategic prospect selection: Carefully curated a list of prospective F&B companies, ensuring each identified target aligned with SME Agency's capacity to deliver transformative results.

The impact

The strategic email campaign yielded impressive outcomes, generating 32 high-quality appointments and securing 3 new clients within just three months. This surge in engagement further asserted SME Agency's unique positioning in the Food & Beverage sector, reinforcing their role as valuable growth partners. The campaign not only elevated SME Agency's client portfolio but also showcased the potent blend of targeted outreach and industry-specific expertise in driving business development.

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