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Saffe: elevating cybersecurity with AI-driven solutions

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SaaS, Cyber Security, AI

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Saffe: elevating cybersecurity with AI-driven solutions

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Company Overview

Saffe offers a unique combination of AI, facial biometrics, cryptography, and distributed computing to protect businesses against online fraud. Offering a blend of speed, safety, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, Saffe's solutions are revolutionising how businesses approach fraud prevention and identity theft. With an emphasis on live verification over static ID checks, Saffe's technology enhances customer experience while ensuring rigorous security standards.


Saffe aimed to penetrate the global financial services market, targeting senior cybersecurity executives across various regions. The challenge was to effectively reach and engage these high-value prospects, showcasing Saffe's innovative solutions as essential tools against increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals and attacks.

Our Solution

Partnering with The Lead Gen Dept, Saffe embarked on a comprehensive lead generation campaign. The strategy involved comprehensive research to pinpoint decision-makers within the cybersecurity departments of the banking and financial sectors worldwide. By curating a highly targeted prospect list, we ensured that each outreach was finely tuned to Saffe's strategic objectives.

Campaign Highlights

Global Reach: Targeting heads of cybersecurity in financial institutions across North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, the campaign aimed for widespread exposure in traditionally inaccessible segments.

Strategic Value Proposition: We engaged prospects with an exclusive invitation to a webinar on AI and deep learning for identity verification, establishing a foundation of value and reciprocity.

Notable Achievements: The campaign's success is highlighted by 54 appointments and interactions with industry leaders across continents, including notable entities like Credit Suisse, Monzo Bank, and Natwest, culminating in 112% of the targeted meeting goals being achieved.
Our campaign solidified Saffe's position in the cybersecurity landscape and also demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted, value-driven lead generation in unlocking new business opportunities. Through strategic collaboration and innovative outreach, Saffe has set a new benchmark for engagement in the cybersecurity domain.

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