Retail revolution: Ground Support Labs adds £500K to its pipeline with 155 leads in a year. preview image

Retail revolution: Ground Support Labs adds £500K to its pipeline with 155 leads in a year.

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Ground Support Labs


London, United Kingdom


Retail, SaaS

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Retail revolution: Ground Support Labs adds £500K to its pipeline with 155 leads in a year.

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Company Overview

Ground Support Labs (GSL), based in both London and New York, is at the forefront of revolutionising in-store retail experiences. Through their innovative digital displays, interactive spaces, and cutting-edge technology, GSL enhances consumer engagement and helps retailers understand shopper behaviour better. With their technology, GSL supports a wide range of in-store functions from performance data management to customer dwell time analytics.


The challenge GSL faced was scaling their lead generation and business development to match their technological capabilities. Despite their expertise, they found it difficult to efficiently reach out to potential retail partners who could significantly benefit from their offerings.

Our Solution

GSL collaborated with the Lead Gen Dept to craft a bespoke, targeted email campaign aimed at the brand managers and marketing directors of leading retail companies. This strategic approach was designed to showcase GSL's value proposition without resorting to direct sales pitches, thereby piquing interest and initiating meaningful conversations.

Campaign Highlights

Targeted Outreach: Focused on major retail brands likely to benefit from GSL’s in-store technology, enhancing consumer interaction and understanding.

Personalised Communication: Emails crafted to resonate as if coming directly from GSL’s leadership, ensuring relevance and increasing engagement rates.

Value Proposition: Presented GSL's technology as a solution for retailers to gain a competitive edge, offering insights without demanding immediate sales.

Significant lead generation: 155 leads over 12 months, directly contributing £500,000 to GSL's pipeline.

New client reach: Including a significant pilot project with a major US clothing chain, indicating the potential for broader adoption across their high-end retail locations.

The Impact

This campaign not only opened doors to enterprise-level discussions but also positioned GSL as a leader in retail innovation, driving forward their mission to transform consumer engagement in physical stores. Through partnership with the Lead Gen Dept, GSL has significantly advanced its market position, demonstrating the power of targeted outreach in unlocking new business opportunities and fostering growth in the retail technology sector.

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