Rated 9/10 by the owner of this growing LMS SaaS preview image

Rated 9/10 by the owner of this growing LMS SaaS

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Rated 9/10 by the owner of this growing LMS SaaS

Headline results

Successfully booked 27 meetings within 3 months, targeting key decision-makers in the education and training sectors.
Highlighted the innovative AI feature of converting PowerPoint presentations into comprehensive e-learning courses, significantly boosting Jolly Deck's market presence.
Jolly Deck's owner, Igor, rated the campaign a 9/10 for its effectiveness and influence.

Company overview

Jolly Deck is an agile learning tech startup that has garnered the trust of prestigious clients such as Deutsche Bahn, Vodafone, Kingfisher, and over 200 other organizations worldwide. Offering services in 14 languages across all continents, Jolly Deck's platform enables Learning & Development (L&D) teams to rapidly create, share, and administer modern e-learning experiences. Their comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) supports organizations of all sizes in automating e-learning and blended learning programs, facilitating skill and talent development within the workforce.

Campaign strategy

Initially, the campaign promoted a free digital onboarding template, such as an online checklist, to attract potential clients by offering immediate value. However, this strategy did not meet the expected outcomes, leading to a thorough evaluation and strategic realignment based on data analytics. Revised Campaign Strategy: After analyzing the data and identifying the need for a more resonant message, the campaign's focus shifted to highlight Jolly Deck's unique AI capability. This feature allows for the conversion of PowerPoint presentations into detailed e-learning courses, offering a significant time-saving solution for managers tasked with developing training materials. This new approach led to a remarkable increase in engagement and successful meeting bookings.


The adjusted campaign strategy proved highly effective, with 27 meetings booked in just three months. This success not only generated valuable business opportunities for Jolly Deck but also prompted the company to consider focusing more on the PowerPoint to e-learning conversion feature as a core offering.

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