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Pinboard Consulting: Charting success in graph analytics

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Pinboard Consulting


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Pinboard Consulting: Charting success in graph analytics

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Company overview

Pinboard Consulting is a leading name in the graph database analytics sector in the UK, offering businesses unprecedented insights into their complex data landscapes. Their innovative solutions, ranging from off-the-shelf implementations to bespoke systems, empower organisations to navigate and make sense of their multifaceted data with unparalleled speed and efficiency.


The main challenge Pinboard Consulting faced was the market's emerging awareness of graph database analytics' potential. Despite the technology's clear advantages for businesses looking to harness their data for strategic planning, the concept remained underexploited. The mission was to educate and enlighten potential clients about the transformative impact of their graph analytics solutions.

Our solution

Lead Gen Dept collaborated with Pinboard Consulting to create an educational campaign, reaching out to potential clients through LinkedIn and targeted email sequences. The focus was on enterprises handling global supply chain disruptions, particularly in sectors where graph analytics could deliver immediate benefits, such as the manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and automotive industries.

Campaign highlights

Targeted outreach: Focused research identified key decision-makers within large enterprises, honing in on those in critical supply chain roles.

Educational value exchange: A series of webinars led by Pinboard's CEO offered valuable insights into graph analytics, serving as a platform for demonstrating the technology's potential to revolutionise decision-making processes.

Personalised communication: Tailored emails initiated dialogue, extending an invitation to the webinars without demanding anything in return, fostering a relationship of mutual benefit and trust.

Profile visibility and awareness boosted: Pinboard Consulting’s profile is significantly enhanced among relevant enterprise clients.

The impact

The campaign dramatically raised Pinboard Consulting's profile among enterprise clients, resulting in 32 high-value appointments over three months. These discussions have paved the way for negotiations on contracts potentially worth over £100,000 each, showcasing the campaign's effectiveness in converting interest into tangible business opportunities.

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