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Pilcrow: Mastering the language of finance

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Pilcrow: Mastering the language of finance

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Company overview

Pilcrow, a London-based specialist in financial translation services, provides tailored language solutions for the finance industry. Recognised for their scrupulous approach, Pilcrow integrates seamlessly into their clients' existing workflows, offering transparent access to translation data and budget management. Their commitment to understanding and aligning with their clients' business objectives sets them apart in a competitive market.


With a lean team and the intensive demands of daily operations, Pilcrow needed to increase their lead generation and marketing efforts within the highly saturated financial translation market. The challenge was to elevate Pilcrow's brand presence and discover new business opportunities without diverting focus from their core service excellence.

Our solution

The Lead Gen Dept stepped in to bridge this gap, crafting a dual-focused strategy aimed at boosting Pilcrow's LinkedIn presence while identifying and engaging potential enterprise-level clients. Through comprehensive research, the Lead Gen Dept pinpointed prospects that perfectly matched Pilcrow's ideal client profile, laying the groundwork for a targeted outreach campaign that broke through the industry noise with its unique blend of professionalism and approachable humour.

Campaign highlights

Targeted outreach: A bespoke email campaign that employed a lighter, more engaging tone resonated well with the target audience, yielding positive responses and fostering a sense of approachability.

LinkedIn engagement: A carefully curated content strategy significantly enhanced Pilcrow's visibility and engagement on LinkedIn, expanding their network by over 1000 connections and positioning them as thought leaders in the financial translation space.

New contracts quickly signed: Within just 30 days Pilcrow secured two significant contracts - one with a global financial institution and another with a rapidly growing financial startup.

The impact

The campaign helped to advance and raise the profile of Pilcrow. The ongoing efforts added to the initial success, with Pilcrow engaging in meaningful conversations with 40 more potential clients, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Lead Gen Dept's strategic approach in translating potential into success.

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