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Pervasive Displays: Driving market expansion with precision outreach

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Pervasive Displays


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Pervasive Displays: Driving market expansion with precision outreach

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Company Overview

Pervasive Displays is a leading organisation in the electronic paper display manufacturing industry, renowned for its innovative, low-power, tailor-made display solutions. Based in Taiwan with a global presence Pervasive Displays has established a dominant position in e-paper technology, particularly within the retail sector. Despite notable successes, the company recognised untapped potential in expanding into new markets, particularly the medical equipment sector.


The primary goal was to build on Pervasive Displays' retail success and replicate it within the medical equipment sector, targeting manufacturers who could benefit from the unique advantages of e-paper technology. The challenge lay in engaging a new, highly technical audience and generating quality leads within this niche market.

Our Solution

The Lead Gen Dept created a bespoke outbound email strategy, identifying and engaging potential leads within the medical manufacturing industry. This approach involved extensive research to pinpoint devices and manufacturers aligned with Pervasive Displays' product capabilities, followed by targeted outreach to key decision-makers.

Campaign Highlights

Innovative Research Techniques: Employed advanced search methods and manual vetting to compile a list of suitable medical device manufacturers, ensuring a high relevance match with Pervasive Displays' offerings.

Personalised Email Campaigns: Crafted a four-stage email sequence that was direct and tailored, appealing to the technical interests of engineering heads and decision-makers within the medical sector.

Impressive Engagement: Despite the typically low responsiveness of the industry, the campaign successfully generated 64 leads, engaging major players like Honeywell and Meditech, and set the stage for over 100 high-probability prospects within the campaign's timeframe.

The Impact

This targeted email campaign signalled Pervasive Displays' successful move into the medical equipment sector and also demonstrated the efficacy of precision marketing in accessing and engaging a new, technical audience. By leveraging The Lead Gen Dept's expertise in strategic outreach, Pervasive Displays broadened its market reach, creating a pathway to significant growth and new partnerships in the highly specialised medical device industry.

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