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MetadataWorks: Leveraging data to unlock £500K in new pipeline opportunities

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Meta Data Works


London, United Kingdom


SaaS, Data, Enterprise

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MetadataWorks: Leveraging data to unlock £500K in new pipeline opportunities

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appointments in 12 months


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Significant pipeline growth, in potential revenue

Company Overview

MetadataWorks specialises in SaaS solutions for data management and analytics, empowering businesses to harness the power of their data for strategic decision-making and operational efficiency


The primary goal for MetadataWorks was to expand their reach within the enterprise sector, engaging with key decision-makers to showcase their innovative data solutions and secure high-value contracts.

Our Solution

Faced with the challenge of penetrating a competitive market, MetadataWorks partnered with us to develop a targeted multichannel lead generation campaign. By combining expert market research with strategic email and LinkedIn outreach, and the addition of high-calibre UK-based telemarketing efforts, we aimed to position MetadataWorks as a leader in the data management space.

Campaign Highlights

  • Strategic Multichannel Approach: Utilising a blend of email, LinkedIn, and telemarketing, we targeted specific ICPs to maximise engagement and appointment setting.
  • Bespoke Outreach Strategy: Our campaigns were crafted to resonate with the unique needs and challenges of potential clients in the data and enterprise sectors.
  • Guaranteed Results: With a commitment to not just activity but measurable outcomes, we guaranteed a minimum number of quality appointments, delivering 155 meetings over the course of the year and significantly boosting MetadataWorks' sales pipeline.

Our partnership not only pushed MetadataWorks into new market territories but also laid the foundation for sustained growth and success in the competitive data management industry.

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