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Loma: charting new paths in retail with a strategic outreach triumph

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SaaS, Retail

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Loma: charting new paths in retail with a strategic outreach triumph

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Revolutionising the second-hand retail space

Company Overview

Founded in 2016 from a student's quest for affordable hiking boots, Loma has rapidly become a leading platform for people seeking second-hand and rental options. At the heart of Loma's mission is the drive to make shopping more economically and environmentally sustainable, reflecting the growing consumer trend towards conscientious consumption.


Loma's goal was to expand its influence and user base by connecting with leading charities, promoting the benefits of its platform. The campaign aimed to introduce Loma's innovative approach to second-hand shopping and rentals, engaging prospects through informative sessions on the latest technology.

Our Solution

The Lead Gen Dept and Loma embarked on a targeted cold email campaign, planned to highlight Loma's unique value proposition. By focusing on the ecological and economic advantages of Loma's platform, the campaign was crafted to resonate with organisations and individuals aligned with sustainable shopping practices.

Campaign Highlights

Impressive Engagement: From 965 leads, the campaign boasted a 76.3% open rate and a 17.2% reply rate, indicative of the strong interest in Loma's message.

High-Quality Responses: Half of the replies were categorised as Positive, Referrals, or To Follow Up, showcasing the campaign's effectiveness in generating meaningful conversations.

Confirmed Meetings Overachievement: Initially on track for 50 meetings in three months, Loma shattered expectations by securing 102 appointments in six months, significantly exceeding the meeting target with a 212% achievement rate.

This partnership demonstrated Loma's innovative edge in the second-hand retail market and also demonstrated how strategic, focused lead generation can drive unprecedented engagement and growth, setting a new benchmark for success in the retail revolution.

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