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ICRF: Revolutionizing logistics through strategic outreach

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ICRF: Revolutionizing logistics through strategic outreach

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Company Overview

Intercity Rail Freight (ICRF) has been at the forefront of sustainable supply chain logistics since 2010, leveraging the UK's passenger rail network to provide rapid, environmentally friendly transport solutions. Specialising in the fast and secure transportation of medical goods, ICRF's innovative Medi FastTrack service is tailored for time-sensitive consignments, ensuring reliability and efficiency in medical logistics.


Facing the challenge of expanding its unique logistics solution amidst a crowded market, ICRF aimed to enhance its visibility and engage potential partners and clients within the pharmaceutical, laboratory, and medical sectors.

Our Solution

ICRF partnered with The Lead Gen Dept to initiate a targeted email campaign, designed to elevate the company's profile and open conversations with key industry players. The campaign focused on showcasing ICRF's unique value proposition, emphasising the speed, flexibility, and environmental benefits of their logistics services.

Campaign Highlights

Targeted Industry Engagement: Concentrating efforts on the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, the campaign effectively communicated ICRF's capabilities to a carefully selected audience.

Strategic Media Outreach: By reaching out to journalists and publications, ICRF gained media coverage in notable outlets like the Sunday Times and Sustainability Magazine, significantly boosting its brand visibility.

Substantial Appointment Success: Achieving 70 appointments over six months, ICRF not only met but greatly exceeded its initial targets, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in generating interest and developing new business relationships.

The Impact

Our strategic outreach efforts led to meaningful connections with major industry players, from AstraZeneca to mid-level laboratories and clinics, resulting in the onboarding of two significant accounts. This success story is testament to the power of personalised, value-driven communication in overcoming industry challenges and achieving remarkable growth.
ICRF's journey with The Lead Gen Dept has not only transported the company into new realms of opportunity but has also set a new standard for logistics innovation, proving that strategic marketing efforts can yield substantial results even in specialised sectors.

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