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Grey Monarch: Mastering SAP Security with Strategic Partnerships

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Grey Monarch


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Grey Monarch: Mastering SAP Security with Strategic Partnerships

Headline results


Onboarding new clients within a strategic framework


Achieving an average deal size of £40K through specialised IT security services

Company Overview

Founded in 2008, Grey Monarch is a specialist SAP Partner, focusing on SAP Process Automation and Security. Their expertise encompasses SAP Security, Segregation of Duties, SAP Licence Optimisation, and more, making them a leading voice in the SAP Community. In line with SAP's Active Quality Management Programme, Grey Monarch ensures the delivery of services at the highest standard, maintaining their SAP AQM Accreditation.


The campaign aimed to leverage Grey Monarch's unparalleled expertise in SAP Process Automation to expand their clientele and foster partnerships to resell their services. The goal was to position Grey Monarch as the go-to specialist for businesses seeking advanced SAP security solutions.

Our Solution

In collaboration with The Lead Gen Dept, Grey Monarch began an ambitious lead generation campaign, utilising outbound email and LinkedIn outreach. This dual-channel approach targeted end-user clients and potential partners, expanding Grey Monarch's network within the SAP ecosystem.

Campaign Highlights

Expansive Network Growth: Through tailored outreach efforts, we extended Grey Monarch's network by thousands, connecting them with over 60 target accounts and paving the way for new business opportunities.

Strategic Client Acquisition: The campaign's success is highlighted by the onboarding of 3 new clients, each averaging £40K deals, underscoring the campaign's ROI and Grey Monarch's value proposition in the SAP security domain.

Sustained Business Growth: The increased network and strategic partnerships established through our campaign continue to generate new business for Grey Monarch, demonstrating the long-term impact of our targeted lead generation strategies.

This partnership between Grey Monarch and The Lead Gen Dept not only solidified Grey Monarch's standing in SAP security and process automation but also showcased the power of strategic lead generation in securing high-value clients and fostering profitable partnerships.

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