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Ecommerce Packaging: Unwrapping success with tailored outreach

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Ecommerce Packaging: Unwrapping success with tailored outreach

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Company Overview

Ecommerce Packaging, the UK's premier packaging supplier, has revolutionised the e-commerce sector with its sustainable, design-forward custom product line. Catering to the branding needs of e-commerce retailers, their packaging solutions secure products safely and also significantly enhance the brand's identity and customer experience. With a prestigious clientele including Amazon and Cartier, Ecommerce Packaging aimed to expand its reach within the online retail sector.


Facing the challenge of broadening its customer base post-pandemic, Ecommerce Packaging sought to connect with both emerging and established e-commerce businesses that prioritise brand identity through packaging. The goal was to avoid traditional B2B resellers and directly engage online retailers in specific niches and geographic locations.

Our Solution

The Lead Gen Dept crafted a bespoke email campaign focused on the unique needs of modern online brands. Through thorough research and collaboration, we developed a highly targeted list of potential clients, ensuring relevance and strategic alignment. The campaign leveraged personalised email outreach to communicate the value of custom-designed e-commerce packaging, engaging prospects with the potential to appreciate and benefit from bespoke solutions

Campaign Highlights

Strategic Target Selection: Rigorous manual vetting of prospects to align with Ecommerce Packaging's strategic focus on fashion, apparel, and cosmetics retailers.

Personalised Email Framework: Utilised a proven four-step email approach, emphasising personalisation and value to resonate with the target audience.

Impressive Lead Generation: Achieved 240 leads over 12 months, translating into £200,000 gross profit, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in generating interest and converting leads into profitable orders.

The Impact

This targeted outreach campaign achieved Ecommerce Packaging's objective of expanding its customer base. It even reengaged dormant accounts, significantly contributing to the company's gross profit. By understanding and addressing the specific needs of e-commerce retailers, The Lead Gen Dept helped Ecommerce Packaging unlock new opportunities for growth, reinforcing its position as a leader in innovative packaging solutions.

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