Designing a repeatable lead gen system for Spinning Fox preview image

Designing a repeatable lead gen system for Spinning Fox

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Spinning Fox




Software Development, UX, UI

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Designing a repeatable lead gen system for Spinning Fox

Headline results

Achieved 58 high-value meetings within 6 months, targeting owners of professional training companies.
Created a new approach for the client which delivered unseen lead volume.
Campaign was extended and the budget increased due to positive results.

Company overview

Spinning Fox is a dynamic technology firm founded in 2019 by James Lyne and Tim Aikin. Stemming from a shared passion to make complex cyber topics accessible and engaging for young adults, they initially built an educational game that now educates hundreds of thousands of people a year in cyber security fundamentals. Now, the company focuses on user-centric design, partnering with growing tech companies to solve their most pressing challenges.

Campaign strategy

The campaign aimed at targeting education and training companies as this is where Spinning Fox had a great track record. We crafted a campaign that was run using email, LinkedIn and telemarketing.


The campaign delivered 96 positive responses and ultimately 58 meetings with target accounts that were attended in 6 months. In an industry that is highly competitive this result was a big success.

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