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Consumer Research: Transforming insights into growth

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Consumer Research: Transforming insights into growth

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Company Overview

Consumer Research, a leading international marketing and insights consultancy, boasts a prestigious client list including recognisable names such as eBay, Ugg, and Unilever. With a global presence across London, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, and Denver, the firm delivers in-depth consumer insights to enterprise clients to connect with their consumers effectively and make informed decisions.


Despite a strong international footprint, Consumer Research faced the challenge of expanding its client portfolio and sales channels. The aim was to bolster their enterprise ecosystem engagement, transitioning from reliance on organic growth to a more proactive outreach strategy.

Our Solution

In collaboration with The Lead Gen Dept, Consumer Research began a strategic campaign to identify and engage potential enterprise accounts. Through comprehensive manual research and prospect vetting, we designed a targeted approach to resonate with key decision-makers in the consumer insights sector.

Campaign Highlights

Strategic Engagement: Implemented a personalized four-step email campaign, inviting decision-makers to exclusive online seminars on emerging market research trends and best practices.

Impressive Open and Response Rates: Achieved a remarkable 63% email open rate and a 14% positive response rate, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in capturing the interest of enterprise-level prospects.

Notable Client Wins: The campaign's success is evident through securing 103 appointments and onboarding 10 new clients, including partnerships with leading brands such as Kellogg, McDonald's, and Barclays.

The Impact

The focused outreach and value-exchange strategy accelerated Consumer Research's growth trajectory and also reinforced its position as a trusted advisor in the market research sector. By leveraging its expertise and The Lead Gen Dept's strategic acumen, Consumer Research successfully transformed industry insights into actionable growth, enhancing its portfolio and establishing new, fruitful client relationships.

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