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Cleaning Manufacturer: Polishing the path to market expansion

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Cleaning Manufacturer: Polishing the path to market expansion

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Company overview

The client was a leading UK-based manufacturer and supplier of professional hygiene and cleaning products. They specialise in delivering top-quality solutions for businesses aiming to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. With a recent expansion into a new facility in Scotland, they provide bespoke, white-labelled products that cater to a diverse range of sectors, ensuring their partners receive comprehensive support alongside their product offerings.


Amid the global pandemic, the company experienced significant growth, thanks to their extensive product line designed to meet heightened health and safety concerns. However, recognising the importance of diversifying their client base, the manufacturer sought to engage directly with end-users, moving beyond traditional third-party distribution channels to secure a broader market presence.

Our solution

To achieve this goal, the Lead Gen Dept developed and implemented a targeted outreach campaign. Identifying large organisations as the primary focus, the campaign aimed to initiate conversations with Facilities Managers responsible for maintaining clean and safe environments in sectors with high foot traffic and strict safety standards, including retail, hospitality, and education.

Campaign highlights

Targeted outreach: Our comprehensive research process identified potential clients within the specified sectors, ensuring a direct match with the manufacturer's strategic objectives.

Personalised communication: A four-step email campaign, tailored to the nuances of the cleaning product industry, delivered a personalised message to each prospect. This approach emphasised the value and relevance of the manufacturer's products to each recipient's specific needs.

Value-driven engagement: The campaign offered compelling content designed to educate prospects on the advantages of the manufacturer's products, fostering meaningful dialogue and building trust with potential clients

Impressive open rates: The campaign achieved an 84% open rate with 28% of recipients expressing interest in further discussions

The impact

The campaign's success was evident in the impressive engagement rates. Notable responses came from high-profile companies and institutions, reflecting the campaign's effectiveness in penetrating targeted markets and generating valuable leads for the manufacturer's telemarketing team to pursue.

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