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Bridge Coffee Roasters: Aromatic achievements in the coffee industry

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Bridge Coffee Roasters


Cardiff, United Kingdom


Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality

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Bridge Coffee Roasters: Aromatic achievements in the coffee industry

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Company Overview

Bridge Coffee Roasters, a well-known coffee supplier based in Cardiff and London, has been a specialist in premium roasted coffee, equipment, and expert training since 1985. Specialising in full-service coffee solutions, Bridge supports hotels, restaurants, and a range of establishments in serving exceptional espresso with a focus on quality and customer service.


Aiming to expand its client base in a market dominated by large franchises, Bridge faced the challenge of initiating discussions with potential partners. The goal was to reach out to establishments likely to appreciate Bridge's bespoke coffee solutions, despite having a limited team and bandwidth for expansive outreach.

Our solution

Leveraging Lead Gen Dept's expertise in B2B email lead generation, we devised a tailored approach to identify and engage potential clients within the hospitality industry. Our manual research process pinpointed prospects such as restaurants, hotels, and delis with a high likelihood of partnership. A strategic outbound email campaign was crafted, focusing on businesses with breakfast services, where the demand for quality coffee is high.

Campaign Highlights

Selective Prospect Identification: Concentrated on venues serving breakfast and with potential contract renewal opportunities, ensuring high relevance and opportunity for Bridge.

Personalised Outreach: Deployed a proven four-part email campaign, personalised to increase engagement, with an impressive 80% open rate and 32% positive response rate.

Strategic Engagements: Generated 120 leads, including a significant £100,000 deal, showcasing the campaign's success in forging valuable industry connections.

The impact

The targeted email campaign exceeded Bridge Coffee Roasters' expectations, driving substantial lead generation and culminating in notable deals, including a landmark £100,000 agreement. The successful outreach prompted Bridge to consider scaling operations to accommodate the influx of new business opportunities. The campaign's effectiveness demonstrates the power of strategic, personalised email marketing in penetrating competitive markets and achieving remarkable growth.

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