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Artudata: Revolutionising sales through AI

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Artudata: Revolutionising sales through AI

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Company overview

Artudata, a London-based innovator in artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics, empowers companies to refine their sales strategies through cutting-edge machine learning. By harnessing Artudata's technology, businesses can pinpoint the most promising leads, seamlessly integrating with leading CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Freshdesk to enhance sales workflows.


Despite its technological prowess, Artudata's startup phase saw them without a dedicated marketing team, limiting their market penetration and brand visibility in a highly competitive AI analytics landscape.

Our solution

Artudata partnered with Lead Gen Dept to identify and engage key financial industry contacts. The focus was on sectors where lead scoring could significantly impact sales outcomes, such as B2C finance, forex suppliers, and trading platforms.

Campaign highlights

Targeted outreach: Concentrating on B2C financial sectors, Lead Gen Dept meticulously researched and compiled a list of decision-makers, which Artudata validated to ensure alignment with strategic goals.

Dual-front campaign: Artudata's market engagement strategy included a dynamic LinkedIn network expansion and a targeted four-email outbound campaign, designed to demonstrate the transformative potential of AI and ML in sales lead analysis.

Significant sales increase: The campaign directly contributed to a £75K increase in sales, with three major new clients onboarded, marking a significant leap in Artudata's market impact.

Secured large new contracts: including a £70K contract with a national payday loan provider, underscoring the campaign's effectiveness in opening high-value revenue streams.

The impact

The campaign allows Artudata to significantly increase their visibility whilst also gaining valuable new clients. Beyond immediate sales, the campaign raised Artudata's profile on LinkedIn, establishing the company as a thought leader in AI-driven sales optimisation.

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