Getting past gatekeepers to reach decision-makers tip
Connor Addis

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Getting past gatekeepers to reach decision-makers tip

Getting past gatekeepers to reach decision-makers tip preview

RARE TIP – Change your mind set and change your results. (Guaranteed)

Most sales people are feeling nervous when they cold call. If you feel you are not worth the time of your prospect on the call then you are dead.

A lot of sales people deep down don’t think the decision maker really should speak to them. You feel like an imposter and the receptionist is doing you a favour by busting you.

Yes they realised I am an imposter and the call can end now.

Instead I want you to think that you are the CEO of a billion dollar company.

You are in your own private office, sitting on a beautiful leather chair, at a mahogany desk, your office looks out onto the city, you are in a £2000 pound suit and you are smoking a Cuban cigar.

You realise you need to share valuable and time sensitive information with the CEO of another company (prospect). Take this mind set into a cold call.

What I want you to feel is this:

You have value. You are important. You have valuable information that you must share with the prospect.

It’s truly valuable to them and you are doing them a favour by sharing it with them.

The difference in your tonality, timing, confidence and belief will help you improve results dramatically. (give it a try)

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