10 meetings for £20 without cold calling
Connor Addis

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10 meetings for £20 without cold calling

10 meetings for £20 without cold calling preview

I want to try to help with a gift (hence the pic) to show you a method to generate 10 meetings for £20 without cold calling.

Number 1. BE FOCUSSED: What industry can you provide the most value? Pick 1 only!

Number 2. What value do you give the industry? A) make them money B) save them money or C) save them time.

Number 3. Quantify the above, I help “accountants” save X money by doing Y

Number 4. Find relevant accounts on Linkedin that match your industry, location and size of company

Number 5. Find the ideal decision makers at the company. Mid market or smaller start at the CEO and work down

Number 6. Save the Linkedin search URL’s of the contacts and pass them to a freelancer on upwork.com

Number 7. They will then take search results and put into a google sheet for you

Number 8. Get free trials with email search software like #Voilanorbert. They allow you 50 free emails (others do as well) Get 500

Number 9. Join reply.io for email sending on a 30 day free trial to send the emails.

Number 10. Make email highly personalised Hi John, I’ve helped accountants like you save money by doing X, happy to share insights, would you like to talk?

Number 11. Reach out to prospects on Linkedin, connect and start conversations, offer value first

Try this, it works. 10 meetings would be the minimum expectation.

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